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115 Legion began as the project of a small collective of friends with an eye towards increasing the possibilities and capacities of autonomous, community-oriented projects in the Olympia area.  We wanted to create spaces where people could encounter one other and find out what we share in common. We rented our space in May, 2018, and set to work completely renovating and reworking the space to suit our needs.

In August of 2018 we celebrated our grand opening with a full week of events and have been going non-stop since, with multiple happenings in the space almost every day! In just three months of operating we’ve hosted fundraisers for the Justice for Yvonne campaign and other local struggles, self-defense courses, free school classes, trainings, book talks, movie nights, discussion and recovery groups, dinners, art shows, parties and so much more.

Our print shop hosts Screenprinting and Bookbinding 101's each month where guests can learn the skills to become regular users of the space.  Recent events like Print Against Patriarchy and Print Against Borders showcase how print media made at 115 can support ongoing struggles against misogyny, rape culture, racism, and xenophobia.

When we started 115 our hope was that our idea would find traction and take on a life of its own as friends and strangers came together to transform the space every day. So far, the response has been a powerful affirmation. Now that we know people want 115 to exist, it's time to open it up to you, our supporters, to keep this wonderful, free, and important project running.  Learn how to get involved here and check out our Patreon to see how you can support the space! 

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